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"psh, I have to live with him," Ziggy muttered. She gasped as Hunter picked her up and levitated out of the area.
"BILLA, DISTRACT HIM, NOW!" Hunter yelled, as everyone obliqed.
"You heard the man," Mike said, charging towards Lobato.
Hunter had Ziggy off at the GPC area, and set her down on a tree limb.
"Thanks, man," she said, looking down and blushing.
"It's what I do," Hunter said, sitting down next to her. He sat his hand down on hers, partcuily by accident, but by instinct as well. He blushed, but didn't move his hand. Ziggy smiled and looked towards him, as he looked towards her. They didn't seem to notice as their faces got closer, and their eyes getting sleepier. They were about an inch apart, when Ziggy was suddenly lifted into the sky, and Hunter was falling from the tree.
"Don't kiss my daughter, punk," Lobato yelled to a falling Hunter, gripping onto Ziggy, and blasting out into the sky.

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