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sometimes. but i usually have both Revan and the Exile as male - Revan partly because of canon but largely because i enjoy wooing (and annoying) Bastila, and the male Exile because i think the character dynamics are more interesting, with the jealousy between Visas and the Handmaiden, and Atris, and maybe i just prefer playing as a man. dunno. but i'm influenced by canon in K1 more than TSL certainly. edit: oh, and i always play LS in K1, because the DS options in K1 for the most part make you look like, as the Americans would say, a jerk. But in TSL nowadays i always play a sort of 'Chaotic good' or 'lawful evil', to use the D&D system i think it is. being a tortured soul and slowly falling is far more interesting than being a hopeless do-gooder i think. plus, Kreia is cool. but this has nothing to do with canon, so i don't know why i'm writing it. wtf.
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