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I'm able to feel more "immersed" while paying as a female, and when I play a male it's usually a stilted "let us see what features are different" run where I go purely LS or purely DS. More of my females lean lightside with a bit of a "destiny sucks, but I'll do what I have to do" attitude.

I prefer Carth's flirting to Bastila tossing herself at your feet and cute little Atton's occasionaly lovely dialogue to the "everyone loves the Exile" triangle of Atris, Visas and Brianna.

Shame I have to take the Disciple as a girl, though, he makes me want to punch things. Preferrably with Brianna doing the punching. As a party member. Instead of Disciple.

In short? I don't listen to the "canon" because it implies that my character was a completely saintly lightsider, and possibly also the wrong gender.

P.S. Disciple is rubbish.
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