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Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
Also, in K1, if you talk to Canderous about the Mandalorian Wars before the plot twist, even if you play as female, Revan is still referred to as 'he'.

Annoying...but maybe Canderous is just...confused!
That's likely because Revan was completely unidentifiable to the Mandalorians. I don't think any of them, with the exception of Mandalore the Ultimate (who was killed by Revan, anyway) ever really encountered h(im/er) face to face . Since Revan could only be identified through hearing his/her voice, most of the Mandalorians probably just assumed Revan was a male. Maybe that can help it be less annoying? It is a convenient reason to slash off some voice acting time, though .

Anyway, I am influenced by canon. I'm a guy, and I pretty much always choose a male character on any game just because it's easier to relate to the character for me. So, I played as a male even before I learned KotOR's canon details. I also generally lean towards the light side, though not too far. That said, I've been pretty close to canon even without knowing it, with the exception of my first playthrough where the "Revelation" and Bastila's subsequent defiance on the Temple were enough to sway me to follow her.

The whole male playing male thing caused me to play a male on both of my TSL playthroughs too, though. Knowing canon is enough to make me play as a female, next time. Not until I buy TSL for pc after Team Gizka finishes though.
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