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Originally Posted by HIGH ON PIE 14 View Post
Except for the fact that you are willingly accepting the Disciple, the most annoying party member in the KOTOR universe
I agree with your comments on Disciple, but I still play as a female. I just never play TSL without stoffe's "HANDMAIDEN PARTY MEMBER OPTION FOR FEMALE EXILES." It gets rid of Disciple without me having to stare at a man's butt while playing the game. I’m trying to play the game right now on the 360 and I’m having a tough time putting up with Disciple. I may have to go back to the PC.

I play as a female PC and canon means nothing to me in a RPG game.

now set back and wait for Jae's canon cut and paste

You will never get that... Jae is to awesome to use cut and paste! She types it all from memory! -RH

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