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"Actually, yeah, there are a lot of computers there. Sweet," billa said.
"To Nein's lab then," hunter said, running off ahead.
"Dad, you bastard," Ziggy said, tears running down her face.
"He tried to kiss you. I won't have that," Lobato said, shrugging, and holding Ziggy with one arm. they were above the middle of the lake.
"That is SO not what this is about, and you know it," She said, growing pissed.
"I'm going to drop you if you don't shut up," He said. Ziggy silenced.
"I HATE him," Hunter gritted through his teeth, as they all walked to the lab.
"Bro, we know. We're getting your girlfriend back, now shut up," Bill said, annoyed, yet sympathetic.
"She's not my-"
"SHUT UP," Everyone said.
"You totally wish she was," Mike teased.
"Shut up. Maybe I do," Hunter muttered, staring off into the sky.

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