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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
The whole unarmed specialist feats were just a pointless bunch of crap. If I had a choice between unarmed and ONE bonus feat of choice... wouldn't give the unarmed thing a second thought.

Brianna was an Echani, but her training didn't extend beyond hand-to-hand. C'mon! I never event bothered to have her fight unarmed because hand-to-hand at its best didn't match a lightsaber at its worst.

Same thing goes for great items that can't be upgraded. I would rather have an upgradable vibrosword than the higher end, but not upgradable versions.
Yeah, and you could get those "Unarmed Accuracy Gloves." it's like... when are you ever unarmed in the game, apart from the first part of Telos?!

If I had people with blasters/lightsabers pointing my way, I'm hardly going to be all noble and say "how about a sparring match?" fact is - lightsabers are just always used.

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