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Originally Posted by Darth krunchy View Post
What's your favorite order to do the planets in in KotOR I? Why?

Also, I'm looking to gain LS mastery ASAP. Is there a particular place I should look first? My team is ready to leave Dantooine, and I'd love for my Guardian to get +3 to his STR!
1st - Endar Spire - I wake up there.
2nd - Taris, some inconsiderate mechanised man who shall go unnamed, suffered a bad childhood, and took it out on the Endar Spire - thus I have to escape to the hole they call Taris.
3rd - Dantooine - Carth and Bastila conspire to make themselves the only romance options for the PC and so remove all traces of other planets, except Dantooine, as there are no hotty rivals based there. Finally after the both send out scouts they find that there are no hotty rivals on Kashyyyk (its a hairy big man world), Manaan (they all smell of fish), Korriban - they all look like zombies and Tatooine - they're all inbred.
4th - Revan thinks if Tatooine is good enough for Luke I'll go there.
5th - Fancying fish and chips a trip to Manaan is now in order.
6th - Having got fat from fish and chips, a health diet from the eco friendly world of Kashyyyk is now in order.
7th - Malak, actually wins at hide and seek, but apparently only because Carth, farted and gave away our position.
8th - Revan, having seen Malak face to face, was reminded of Zombie films, and fancied being in one so went to Korriban.
9th - The 'Unknown World' - a rather skilled tour guy talked us into this dud holiday, where a combination of poor mans predators and walking hammerheads made the trip interesting.
10th - The Star Forge - well after all the above, Revan finally decided to tell Malak how he wasn't playing hide and seek fairly, confiscated his lightsaber and blew his house up.

The end.

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