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If I was restricted to one playthrough, I would play the way I want to play, like General LiWar there. As I said though, that's typically pretty close to canon. When it comes to canon, I care more about getting the same ultimate results than I do about giving Sharina Fizark 700 credits or something just because it's the extreme light side option. Bottom line: As long as the Republic destroys the Star Forge and my Revan is a male, it's close enough for me. Trying to stick to canon isn't going to stop me from doing the Genoharadan assassinations or anything.

edit: (to mimartin) Does TSL run correctly on the 360? I tried starting a KotOR game on my 360 on two separate occasions, and, both times, it had constant lag. I've heard it just doesn't emulate right on the 360. I've never tried TSL though.
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