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Mandalore Becomes A Jedi

You're probably thinking: "ZOMG!! Could he mean what I think he means?" I'll answer you right now: "Yes." This WIP finally comes to light after only select people knowing that I had even thought to do this.

Description of this mod: You will get to train Mandalore in the ways of the Force via dialog. I can't say much concerning the dialog since I haven't gotten to planning it all out. But, I know the storyline which I won't give away at this time. I also plan to make a unique hilt for Mandalore. Though, I'm still working on the concept art of it at the moment.

Progress so far:
Scripting - 100%
Lightsaber hilt/Robe - 100%
Dialog - 41%
Testing - 90%
Total - 82.75%

Tweak - 1 (1 resolved)
Major - 1 (1 resolved)
Feature - 2 (2 resolved)
Resolved - 2 / 2

For the moment, this is all I have to show for progress:
Show spoiler

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