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Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic III - Threat from the unknown.

Star Wars

Knights of the Old Republic III: Threat from the unknown.

The galaxy is at war again! Darth Revan has returned from The Unknown Regions and rebuilt the Sith Empire. And he is now together with the True Sith waging war against The Republic. But there is hope: The Jedi Exile has rebuilt the Jedi Order and, together, the Jedi and the Republic is trying to stop Lord Revan and the Sith...

Chapter 1

[In orbit of Mantooine, Noon]

The lone Republic Orbital Shuttle came out of Hyperspace just a few miles away from the huge Interdictor-class cruiser, a model used by the Sith Empire. The two men inside the shuttle's cockpit were of the races Zabrak and Human. The human, who was tall, good looking, and muscular, looked to be the younger of the pair. His facial expression was tense, he looked like he was late for an important meeting, while the Zabrak, who had light brown skin and a lot of small horns on his head, had a more calm expression. The younger one had short cut blonde hair, except for the thin Padawan braid on the left back side of his head. He was wearing a brown tunic, brown pants and black boots. Over that he wore a wide sleeved dark brown Jedi Robe. His Zabrak friend and Jedi Master wore a light brown similar tunic, but the left sleeve was cut off because of his robotic arm which had an unprotected laser running straight from the elbow to the hand. He also wore a Jedi Robe, again with the left sleeve cut off, and in a lighter brown than his human Padawan. On both of their belts hung their metallic lightsaber hilts. The younger one's name was Johra Ulgut, and the Zabrak's name was Bao-Dur Lumar. They were on a mission to find the missing Jedi Knight Karnah Krawalker, who had sent a distress call from the planet.

“Take us towards the cruiser,” Bao-Dur said to Johra, who was the pilot. Johra looked at his master and hesitated, but when he saw Bao-Dur's serious facial expression he turned the shuttle towards the Sith cruiser. But before they had time to start moving, a Sith Starfighter approached them and ordered them to state their business. Bao-Dur leaned forward to the comm.
“We are selling Correlian ale to the bars in the city of Morka,” he said and waited for the response.
“Follow me. We need to inspect your cargo,” the voice said and started flying towards the Interdictor cruiser. The shuttle followed. When they landed in the cruisers hangar they opened the boarding ramp, and a group of five Sith troopers, all wearing full silver armor, stormed in. They aimed their blaster rifles at the two Jedi, who were now walking towards the troopers with their unlit lightsabers in their hands.
“Stop! Jedi!” a Sith trooper shouted and they all started firing their blaster rifles.

In less than a second the Jedi ignited their lightsabers and parried the shots. When they parried the first wave of shots it was easy to deflect the shots back to the one who fired it. Not a single trooper survived. Johra and Bao-Dur walked down the boarding ramp only to be met with more Sith troopers. The Jedi were more skilled, but the troopers overwhelmed them only with numbers. They soon realized they had to run. They ran through the nearest corridor, making sure to close a blast door behind them, and ended up near an elevator. They called it to them and ignited their sabers, in case someone was in there. Luckily, no one was, and they deactivated their sabers and stepped in. Johra entered the level that the bridge was on in a computer panel, and the elevator started moving.
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