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Originally Posted by Arátoeldar View Post
Consider the thread for TSLRP in Holowan Laboratories is locked. I don't think this one will go over well with the powers that be.
I hope, this thread is okay. I tried to put it in a general discussion spot regarding the KoTOR games. I think, I read the one in Holowan Laboratories, and they were not supporting him because he had downloaded a leaked version of the mod, that I didn't even know existed. I'm talking about the official version of the mod that they support.

1.0c1 will be the public release.

Builds will occur approximately weekly.

I've, just, been waiting since April 3, 2005 for this mod, and it seems like they are so close to finishing it.


Just so, people know I'm not just wasting space. Here is the most recent update I could find regarding this long awaited restoration mod.


PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 8:29 pm

I probably could have started a new announce thread on this topic alone but we've got a lot of announcements and stickies.

Both the bug count AND the amount of content to be restored will be near 0 when we release 1.0c1. Neither is an indication, by itself, of how close release is. The reason the bug count doesn't go down is because we're generally working on content or stuck in [real life] (done your gift shopping yet? :P)

A number of people have asked why we don't just release 1.0b1 as a public beta; we have an update system in place but ideally we'd rather not have to use it. We'd rather release with (close to) 0 bugs. We have no delusions of releasing a bug free mod. That will never happen.

With every bug that isn't released we don't have to deal with it weeks or months later when it'll take us twice or three times as long to remember where in the code to look to even begin to figure out how to fix it.

A particular class of bugs will cause the update to invalidate saves in the module in which the bug(s) occur(s). We have had to deal with this throughout; it is not fun to have to load a save from 30 minutes just so you can re-enter the module to test a single camera angle (which may be upside down.)

Which leads me to this point: there are also bugfixes going into 1.0b1 - we verify them as we fix them but inevitably something that works on our setup doesn't on a beta tester's. We'd rather have it fail for a single beta tester than 800 people.

We are also not looking for obscure bugs - when 1.0b1 is released we will be making a run or three through just make sure we haven't broken things. We'll be fixing as we go. Ticky-tack bugs we don't care about. We're talking things that will clearly detract from the play experience.

We appreciate that concern is being expressed about the mod still (being nearly three years in and having people apparently still care is pretty cool) but to be honest we're still sticking to when it's done. Nothing has and nothing will change that.

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