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Originally Posted by robfozzy View Post
jus wondering what are the top 10 kotor mods also wondering why there is not 2 sections for kotor mods and kotor 2 mods
Every year we want to hear from you (everyone), and give the community a chance to 'RAWR'

Keep in mind we also have a 'Featured Mods' section that is open to everyone (bottome of page linked above). If someone likes a mod, we mean, truly truly likes a mod.. PLEASE write a review to share and we'll not only post it (the review), but with the modders' permission, we'll host the mod too

Please be thorough in your review however. "Thiz mod rawks mie wurld" won't get you posted

As for the 2 mod sections.. TUCE divides mods with their tags [TSL] or [KOTOR] preceding each release thread. Hope that helps

I've moved this thread to Padawan's Lounge and changed the title to reflect both games. While not exactly a 'problem' thread.. it fits nicely into the 'tips' section Plus, it will reduce having 2 threads in either of the other game specific forums.

Bear in mind.. this is not a "my-mod-is-better-than-your-mod" thread. If it even hints at becoming one, it will be closed. - Cz

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