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Hi everybody! I'm new to the forum but not so newbie on modding jk2 and jka...
first off, sorry for my bad english...
I want to make a similar question about force powers and force unleashed...I'm asking to myself: how could I make the animations of force powers like the ones in force unleashed?

what I want is quite simple, I think...I've thought a thing like these:

push: animation of force rage. it will push all enemies in a certain range and angle

saber throw: first the animation of the throwing thermal detonators and then the normal animation of saber but faster and vertical (not horizontal) and also when the saber come back to you it musts rotate

lightning: only a different stance more similar to what we see in the first trailer of TFU

Is that possible to do that? Is quite simple? I think yes, because a part of the lightning new stance, the other animations are all present in the game only associated to other animation or they are only slower...
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