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This just in...

You'll get to play as a Kyle...wearing his pajamas.

That's right, you'll get to play as Kyle wearing silk pajamas covered with pictures'll love this...bunnies and duckies.

As for vehicles, you'll get to ride a mailbox on wheels and for weapons you get to utilize the awesome power of the umbrella.

For health, all med-kit type items are replace with bananas, cause Kyle's a growin boy.

The game will start at a circus, where Bozo the Hobo tries to assassinate him.

Jan has given birth to 23 kids since the last game, so she will only be making a brief appearance in this one.

The final level takes place on the top of the statue of liberty, and you'll be fighting Darth Nader..."You don't know the power of the Green Party!"

How's that for Bull ****!?!?!?

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