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What kind of mods are you looking for? What do you like? I could give you a list of all the mods I have but I'll save that to see if you would even like them .

I'm on my first pc playthrough, and I've pretty much stuck to mods that enhance and restore. I'm not using mods that drastically change anything, add lots of new items, or add recruitable characters. That's why I passed up the Holowan Plugin.

If you're not restricting yourself to the kind of mods I'm using, I'd probably recommend that Holowan Plugin and the Brotherhood of Shadow. Never tried either of them, but I've read a lot of things about both.

Most larger, more complex mods use the TSL Patcher for easy installation. However, I'll go ahead and suggest downloading the KotOR Mod Manager if you haven't. It's great for if you're installing lots of mods that don't use the TSL Patcher.
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