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Originally Posted by HIGH ON PIE 14 View Post
This was in an EU book already, but a lightwhip would be cool. Basically a lightsaber, except a whip. Could be very deadly.

Also, maybe Iīm getting a little too X-Men here, but how about mini lightsabers that attach to your fingers - basically like having little lightsaber claws.

I donīt know...just my ideas...

Yeah, Iv'e seen that weapon a few times in the comics as well as novels. I just wonder how in a galaxy far, far away you would be able to get laser energy to do that. Hell, laser swords stretch the imagination but light whips!? *sigh* I must surrender to the suspension of disbelief.

Light whips have actually been described two ways: as a pure energy beam that is flexible or as a malleable whip made of energy conducting material that when activated becomes surrounded by laser like energy.

Speaking of hand mounted lightsabers, I remember seeing a piece of concept art for Episode III where Plo Koon has a wrist mounded weapon similar to what you described HOP.
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