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Originally Posted by SpaceAlex View Post
Yeah, In the Xbox version, he had one of those generic human heads that you see everywhere in the game. He was given an unique appearance in the PC version, but I'm not sure why they used a Twi'lek head for him. I really like the head (I think it fits him perfectly), but it's true that it doesn't make sense, since it is apparent from his dialog that he should be human. You could argue that he only hates Cathar, but he does tell your PC that you must also feel superior to other non-human species.

Anyway, even though it doesn't really bother me that much, I could replace his head if enough people want me to. Do you have any human head model in mind that you feel would be appropriate for someone like Xor?
Perhaps a reskin Mekel or Shaardan's head would fit well, as they are unique head models in the whole game, but I think Xor should look a little bit old, so perhaps a reskin of Jorak Uln's head could fit better. Maybe you should take some more suggestions and have a poll on the final decision.
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