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(Sorry, didn't notice the edit. The last place you left off was kinda hard for me to post off of.)
"You do, you know it." Cee said, "Don't deny."
Hunter just rolled his eyes, "Maybe I just think Loboto is a douchebag."
"You don't need to think that. That is fact." Billa said
The children all arrived at the GPC, and one by one, climbing down into the lab, they chilled around while Milo fiddled with the computer. They sat around for a while, impatiently waiting.
Hunter had his headphones on when he was startled awake from a nap with a "FOUND HER!"
"Shut up." Hunter said, running to the computer screen, everyone else lingering behind, "Where is she?"
"Well...This may be beyond our savings." Milo was zoomed in on a map of a very urban area
"What do you mean?" Hunter asked, "Where did that freak take her?"
"They've travled abroad." Milo pulled back the screen, revealing exactly on a global scale where the two were, "She's in Moscow."
"RUSSIA?" everyone's mouth dropped to the ground
Mike exhaled a long sigh, "...well, sh*t."
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