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Originally Posted by jawathehutt View Post
I just got back into this game and made a E/N prophecies. Im level 8 and about to leave presearing, Im wondering what a good build is for E/N, I remember back when I first started playing firestorm could kill anything since monsters just sat there and took the damage instead of fleeing but I guess that patched that so I dont know what is really powerful anymore, anyone have any suggestions?
Firestorm is still useful and can do tons of damage, though you have to be more careful about when you use it. Often enemies might run out of it, but have usually taken a fair amount of damage already. Also, if enemies are snared, crippled or but in a position where they can't easily move away (bodyblocked by warriors in your party or necromancer minions for example) you can make them get hit by the full duration.

The fire skill set I currently use on my elementalist uses AoE spells that deal damage over time, and seems to work well against most groups of enemies I've tried it against so far. (If you're interested the skill template code is: OgdToYm6xpYQMKi+ClBwYBiMAA)

If you prefer more direct damage spells, things like Fireball, Rodgort's Invocation and Liquid Flame are pretty powerful.

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