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"Bloody droid."

He thumped the inactive droid casually. A series of lights ran across it, then it sputtered, made a noise like a man who had inhaled several thousand death sticks too many, and lifted, albeit slowly and haltingly.

"System reset...Diagnostics report overload from hand-grade stun blaster. Bounty #9731457764: Kadis Venarm, what have you done to me?"

"Well, if I'd been thinking clearly, I would have wiped your memory core. And maybe replaced all your speech programming with Verpine music, left you in Jyot's bunk."

"This is not amusing."

"Don't know who you've been joking around with. Thanks for the coordinates." He punched the comm. "Captain, I pulled the coordinates off Zip. Got the location within the Hapes Cluster. Takeoff, boss?"
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