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Knights of the Old Republic : The Jedi Masters

Well, I believe the time has come to announce my forthcoming mod to the world. The Jedi Masters is a total conversion mod which adds an all new chapter to the Old Republic story. It is designed to work with TSL.

To view the trailer please click HERE.

Added it to Youtube for those who find it easier :

The mod itself is a totally separate storyline to TSL and adds around sixteen hours of gameplay. It takes place just under two decades after KOTOR 2, includes my own answers to the 'what happened to Revan?' question and even has me taking a stab over the identity of the True Sith (see guy with big horns in the trailer).

As the WIP on my site states, I'm getting near the end now. The main story is fully completed, from the recap-training first module to the final boss fight. As of now, I'm going back through the game and finishing up the various subquests. This is turning out to be a fairly fast process (most dialogs etc are already there, it's just a case of matching them up to the characters and adding the correct scripts), and I'm expecting to release the mod roughly at the end of the month.

The reason I'm posting this now is that I am looking for people who are willing to do a bit of voice acting. I'm after as many as I can get, mainly for minor characters and one liners to add something extra to the mod. Specifically, I'm after people interested in playing :

-1 Male Jedi Master,
-One of 3 Female Jedi masters,
-Several Merchants,
-Any amount of commoners (the more the better),
-One of 3 barflys,
-1 Female Secretary,
-1 Male Secretary,
-1 Male guard,
-2 'posh homemakers', one male, one female,
-1 Mandalorian male,
-1 Farmer, either gender,
-1 Male Toydarian,
-1 Male scientist,
-1 Insulting Computer, either gender.

If anyone wants, feel free to volunteer for more than one. I've also probably missed some out, so I'll update the list when I discover the rest.

If anyone is up for it, please either reply in the thread or send me a PM. I'm easy about how you want to send the audio file, whether it be as an email attachment or uploaded onto something like rapidshare.

Finally, if anyone has any questions at all about the mod and it's content, please feel free to ask them.

PLAY THE TOTAL CONVERSION MOD NOW! . | If you're interested, my almighty fanfic can be read here.

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