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(i dunno? something wrong with him?)
"We'll find out lix. We're going to RUSSIA!"Hunter said, starting to leave.
"Um, HOW?" Cee asked, eyes sort of wideened.
"We could take the jet?" Lixa said. Everyone stared at her.
"What jet?" Bill asked.
Ziggy was being held in her second home of Russia. She prefered the US, but now was not time for preference. Ziggy looked out her window, only to see her father leaving and locking the front gate. The phone suddenly rang. She found one down the hall, only tohear her father's voice.
"I'llbe gone for a week, deary. Do behave,"
"**** You," she answered, hanging up.
"Christ Lixa," Hunter said, staringat the jet, parked outside.
"Hey, the keys are inside," Mike said. "And I know how to drive...."
"Mike, you drive. Milo, you navigate. Everyone else, be ready to put up a good fight in Russia," Hunter said, climbing into the jet, and everyone else following.

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