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"Uhh...shouldn't we tell Milla?" Cee asked
"No, it's okay. The manniquins are out." Mike replied
Lying in the bunks of camp's kid area, manniquins were dressed in t-shirts and shorts with wigs on... Nobody would ever know.
"Okay then." Cecilia said, walking to the back of the jet where the extra clothing items were kept. She grabbed a black coat for herself and Mike. "Let's go to the Motherland!"
"HEY, CAN ANYONE READ CYRILLIC?" Lixa asked, "You know, if there's like, a sign."
"This jet is probably equipped for anything and everything everywhere." Ewan said, "There's bound to be a huge drawer full of translator books."
Then, some crackling came up over the loud speakers, "Hello Psychics, this is your captain speaking," Mike spoke in a smoky voice, Cee giggling in the background, "I'd like to tell you to buckle up and get ready for the ride."
"..That's what she said." Milo chimed in quickly, causing laughter throughout the plane, except from Hunter.
"Yeah!" They all shouted as the jet slowly rose off the ground and zoomed off.

"A few times in my life I've had moments of absolute clarity. When for a few brief seconds, the silence drowns out the noise and I can feel rather than think, and things seem so sharp and the world seems so fresh. I can never make these moments last. I cling to them, but like everything, they fade. I've lived my life on these moments. They pull me back to the present and I realize that everything is exactly the way it was meant to be."
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