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Woah, that's a...few questions.

First of all, the main one, I'm not too sure how long I worked on it. I started modding Empire at war last year and intended to do a conversion mod turning it into the KOTOR era...only to find that someone had already done it.

So, around Christmas, I started working on a KOTOR mod where TSL would continue on to an extra two module planet where you would meet/find Revan, discover that he had turned evil, then a) Duel and kill him, or b) Join with him to conquer the galaxy. The conquering would be the main emphasis and include killing the four main heads of the main planets ; Vogga on Nar Shadda, Vaklu/Talia on Onderon, Azkul/Adare on Dantooine and Carth on Telos. After all of which you would have conquered the galaxy...or something like that.

Anyway, I never liked the idea too much, but it eventually evolved into this here mod.

Now, a question. Do you plan to make another version of this mod, with completely new modules (as in, not using currently existing modules, more like what Doc is doing with his mod) after you learn to use GMax better?
I may release something a little later, but for now all existing modules are just reskins. My area of expertise is scripting, but I'm getting better and better at Gmax, so you never know. I will however add that walkmeshes are still a complete mystery to me.

Originally Posted by Istorian View Post

P.S. I think I can do the male Toydarian pretty well. PM me for details if you'd like!!

Thanks. I'll probably PM you through the week sometime.

Originally Posted by whatthehell View Post
i can voice act in my free time if you need me. PM me
Again, thanks. Will PM through the week.

Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
Looks very interesting.

Did you record new VOs for Bastila?
The Bastila Voice is spliced from her different lines in TSL. It was a little awkward since she only has 25 voice files or so, but it was fun.

Originally Posted by GiygasUnlimited View Post
Ah, so that's what the sound-editing was all about. Looks pretty good from the trailer, though I thinks a few skins need touching up.
It was indeed all about this, and yes I'm afraid texturing is my weakest area. My last big job on this might be a week long touch up session (which actually sounds pretty good when I phrase it like that).

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Wow! You must have spent a lot of time on this. Wait, why is Nihilus alive ten years after I killed him?
Ah, now that I would hate to spoil.

It's mainly to do with a reference Darth Krayt made to Nihilus escaping death when he discovered a holocron with said figure. I'll let you look it up yourself : (see 'legacy'). Basically, he gets resurrected for this. And he's not the only one...

When viewing the trailer, could everyone see the 'medium resolution' button. It doesn't always work for me.

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