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The group was a few hours into the trip. They were somewhere near the top of Canada, and most of the group was bored. Hunter was sitting in the front, with Mike, Cee, and Milo. Milo was arguing with Mike about where they were.
"Mike, We're going the wrong way," Milo said bitterly.
"Calm down, we'll be there soon," Mike said, smirking.
"I'm sure Hunter would like to get there sooner," Milo muttered.
"Quit arguing and get us to Moscow. Soon," Hunter stated, annoyed at their bickering.
"Fine," the two said in unison. Hunter began to doze off....
Ziggy was asleep when she heard a loud noise, not far off frm the house. A jet seemed to be lading a couple miles off. And by the looks of it..... a psychic energy was being given off. She recinized it. Hunter? How odd that he was in Russia. Her mood lifted and she ran down the stairs, outfront. She would find them. Of course, it was a big city.
"So," Hunter said, "You parked in the middle of the CITY."
"Why yes, I did," Mike said. "I beleive I parked nicely."
"Now what?" Billa asked, fileing his nails boredly.
"We find Ziggy throughthe GPS on this phone?" Milo said, holding up a phone. "Woah, she's moving." He said, looking at the Ziggy dot, moving towards them.
"Sweet, let's go," Hunter said, grabbing Bill's arm, and running through the crowds of people.

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