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The severed tentacle exploded in a rain of flesh and slime, releasing an instant replacement of the section it had lost - and, branching from that same joint, was a second tentacle. His green eyes widened as he watched both flail high above his head, whipping bits of blood and flesh and slime as it snapped through the air. This...might turn out to be a bit more difficult than he had thought.

One tentacle snapped down, sending him dancing off to the side - right into the path of the second limb. He kept his blade away, knowing the temptation to hack another of the tentacles off would be too great if he allowed himself to use his blade. Instead, he stood on top of one limb, holding it down as he tried to figure out what the hell to do with the other one. He wasn't expecting the tentacle to have the strength to lift from underneath him, grabbing him by the ankle, and flinging him out to sea.

He didn't have much time to think - the only thought that truly occurred to the warrior's mind was that he couldn't land in the water. In deep water, he would be helpless against the creature. He wasn't about to be caught by another tentacle, and he couldn't adjust his course to land on the Kraken itself...but there were rocks under the waves, right?

He didn't feel himself hit the water - but suddenly, his momentum stopped. He landed in a crouch against something sturdy, smooth...and looking down as he set his palm against the surface, he frowned as he found that it was a rock. His brows pulled together in confusion...because there hadn't been a rock there before, and he never entered the water. In fact, looking now, he found the rock floating - literally, floating - a good ten feet above the waves.

His confused hesitancy was his biggest mistake of the fight. The Kraken didn't seem to think that a floating boulder was as amazing as Kyo did, because just as the warrior was turning his eyes to the monster again, a second tentacle was sweeping through the air to crash hard into his back. Once more, he was flying through the air, this time completely stunned with the force of the blow. Unable to focus enough to right himself, he crashed into the shallow waves, landing hard on his shoulder. His blade, which had fallen from his hand, landed point-down in the sand several feet away.

((let's wrap this up, shall we?))

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