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As the 'research' team and 'outside' teams moved apart, the 'research' team heading toward the entrance of the Veritech building. Kallic approached Liara, speaking to her in a low tone.

"As the Admiral and Kahne distract everyone, I'll help you get to the main server. And here, a gift, to help you more easily hack the system, seeing as I know you're not the most adept at computers,"

((which is true, because in the Mass Effect game Liara's sole capabilities are her biotics, I know because she's a scientist she'd have some tech skill in a realistic sense...but a little help never hurt))

Kallic activated his blue and violet hued Omnitool, putting in some commands and then his Omnitool flickered and disappeared, as if it's power just drained. "There, I have just transfered my Intelligent VI into your Omnitool, just activate the Omnitool when you link it to the main server, and the VI will automatically transfer into the system. All you have to do is give it some commands, and then do what you'd normally do when accessing the server, the VI should help you, along with transfer or store any relevant data that you ask for it to retrieve," Kallic told Liara, briefing her on the use of his beloved IVI.

"Um, sorry Liara, I didn't mean to insult your talents or skill in any way, you don't have to use the VI if you don't want to," Kallic told the Asari, realising his blatant actions all too late.
As the 'research' team headed toward the doors, Bastion also did a similar action to what Kallic had done with Liara, only with Shepard, that is, he approached Shepard, and spoke to her in a low tone, so as not to attract the attention of the ever vigilant 'Mother Hen' Kallic, who had appointed himself, in Bastion's eyes, as Shepard's personal guard, who always seemed to get in the way when Bastion wanted to -how to best put it?- 'Bond' (you could say) with the Admiral. Not to mention Bastion saw a strange yet, to his eyes, 'beneficial', relationship between Shepard and Liara, which could either hinder, or help him, so keeping in a low tone not only kept Kallic's gaze away, but Liara's as well.

Bastion smiled affably at Shepard as he spoke, "so, you think I have the best diplomatic skills? I'm flattered you would say so Miss Shepard. You are a Miss, are you not? Of course you are, you're far too young and beautiful to not be a single, unmarried woman," the suave man said, trying to flatter the Spectre woman.

"So, Yery, I can call you that, right? Yery? Of course I can, why not, you have no reason, not to let me call you that. That is a nice name by the way, better than mine, yuck, just listen to it, Bastion, horrible, my parents must not have been the best at choosing names I guess. But as I was saying, I appreciate your confidence in my skills, I really do, not many women as sharp, and as smart as you trust a guy like me, especially with 'diplomatic' situations. Thanks," Bastion said to Yery, the last few words/sentence he said sounding purely sincere, and actually, they were, and although Bastion was still playing his 'Get-The-Girl(s)' game, he really was thankful of the Admirals trust in his abilities, because in Bastion's long hard life, he'd always been alone, and no one had ever trusted him with anything other than a simple job of 'Kill-The-Warlord/Crime-Boss/ Etc.', he was glad to have someone trusting him, even if he was just trying to ((forgive my French)) get in her pants.

One thing Bastion was doing that was not all too good, was placing his hand on the Admiral. First he had placed it on her shoulder when he first spoke to her. The second time around he'd slowly lowered said hand to her back, between her shoulder blades. his next attempt would be her lower back, though, let it be reiterated, an attempt.

"Soooo, how close are you and Liara? you've gotta be good friends at least, considering you guys are apart of the original crew of the 'Normandy', and you've probably been through some tough scrapes together," Bastion questioned, his hand yet again lowering to Shepard's lower back, but as soon as he got his hand to her lower back he found himself being hurled into the ground, face-first.

Kallic was holding Bastion to the ground, his foot pressing into the small of the man's back, one hand holding Bastion's hand and arm in a painful twisted position, while Kallic's other hand held onto Bastion's hair-knot, holding his head back in yet another strange, and quite painful position.

"OW OW, HEY!!! Wad'I do, wad'I do!!?" Bastion half sputtered half wheezed out.

"You were reaching for Shepard's shotgun ((assuming she's in full gear)), you were attempting to kill her and escape, weren't you, prisoner!?" Kallic spat out vehemently. Bastion's eyes roved around frantically as he heard what Kallic assumed he had been doing, which was actually the opposite of what he had been attempting to do, which was simply lower his hand one more time to ((yet again, pardon my French)) 'cop-a-feel'. The reason Bastion was so frantic when he heard Kallic's assumptions was because he knew the Salarian would kill him if he didn't justify himself, and quick.

"I, uh, I, was attempting to...grab Shepard's tush," Bastion muttered in a barely audible voice, rather embarrassed and ashamed (surprisingly) to say so; simply because he knew if Shepard heard his real intentions, well, all of his work to get on the Admiral's good side would go straight down the drain, thus meaning he'd have a 'Game Over' and would have to start all the way back at 'Level1'.

Unfortunately, Kallic heard Bastion, and wasn't willing to let him get away with his actions that easy. "What was that, I couldn't here you, how about speaking louder," Kallic said, emphasizing his last word.

"I...was....attempting..." Bastion hesitated, but then he sighed, it was tell the truth, or get his head beaten in on the ground by an over-protective Salarian. " grab Shepard's tush," Bastion said, his last words spoken with an air of broken pride.

"Oh, now that's not what we professionals do in the military, and since your with professionals, and in the military now, you're going to have to pay," Kallic said, menacingly.

"How so?" Bastion asked gasping for air.

"Oh, I don't know, I think Shepard should decide the punishment, but first, you need to apologize," Kallic stated, Bastion whimpering as he heard what he had to do; he had never had to apologize to any woman for his actions in the past, to do so would destroy his self-esteem, not to mention his (self-known) reputation, and to top it off, most likely crush his (perverted) spirit, and Kallic knew this, he knew just how to handle these situations, he knew how to quell insubordination (if it could be called that). Kallic jerked Bastion's head to the side, so he would be staring straight up at Admiral Shepard. Bastion's eyes looked everywhere but at her, but no matter how hard he tried, he could still see her staring at him out of his peripheral vision.

"Come on!" Kallic barked, jerking Bastion's head to cause him to cooperate.

"I, uh, I'm, er, s-s-s....sor...I'm, sorry, Admiral Shepard, it won't happen again," Bastion said, his voice fading off at the end, his last bit of pride and dignity crushed, his spirit being broken right along with them.

Kallic released Bastion, who lay face down on the ground, not moving. Kallic saluted to Admiral Shepard, "I'm thoroughly sorry for that display ma'am, but I thought he was reaching for your weapon at first, and when I heard his real intentions, I just could not let them slide. I recommend you give him a proper punishment," Kallic told Shepard, turning back to Liara.

"I'm also sorry you had to see that, but if you please, we are at the entrance of the building, and I think it best if we slip in and try to get to the main server," Kallic said to Liara, Kallic then turned and entered the complex, not waiting for a response from either of the women.

((Sorry for that strange display Tysy, but you needed something to get this RP livened up and back into action.))

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"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
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