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"So where is Lenin's body, anyway?" Lixa yelled, inside the fire.
"Probably on fire," Anna yelled.
"Well, then we're going to be murdered by the Russian Government, FIND HIM," Ziggy yelled.
Lixa stubbled over a coffin-looking thing.
"Hey guys, I found him!"
"Sweet," Ziggy yelled, grabbing it with her psychic fist.
"Let's go," Anna yelled, running out.
"Where the HELL is Lobato?" Hunter yelled, as the group levitated over the city.
"Don't know?" Bill said, shrugiing along with Ewan and Milo.
"UGH, DAMMIT" Hunter yelled. "Let's head back to the guys and try to help.
They turned around, getting back to the tomb.
Ziggy, Lixa, and Anna were getting out, Lixa now carrying the body. Anna and Lixa got out fine.
The boards above the door suddenly came crashing down in front of Ziggy, blocking her exit. Fire came from the boards.
Think that church scene from the book 'The Outsiders'.
"Oh christ," she murmered, backing into the fire filled room. She heard a laugher from above the building, and caught a glimpse of blue through the broken ceiling. Of course, this was his doing.

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