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Meanwhile, Cecilia was taking the puddles of melted snow, and pelting them at the flames. She saw Lixa and Annabelle running at them with the glass coffin in tow. Luckilly the body was still well preserved. "Okay, sweet!" Cee yelled, whipping a stream of water through a flame engulfed window. "Where's Ziggy?"
They turned around and looked, "Oh shoot."
Leaving the coffin next to Cee, the two ran back into the tomb, but found the door blocked by burning rafters. Inside, Ziggy cries for help mixed with evil cackling. Focusing her telekinesis, Lixa picked up the rafters and carried them in with her, Annabelle behind. "ZIGGY GET OUT!" Anna yelled, her sight blinded by the smoke.
"I can't see!" Ziggy yelled,
"Follow my voice!"
Ziggy made her way through the burning mausoleum, and through the exit when all of a sudden Loboto appeared in the doorway, looming over Ziggy. "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STAY PUT!" But before he could lay a hand on her, he was knocked to the ground, piles of burning timber on his chest. Lixa had thrown the rafters on him, burning him away.
"AHH!" He yelled, unable to move the rafters off. "HELP ME ZIGGY!" His apron and gloves burned away, and his flesh began getting blacker and blacker as flames engulfed him. Ziggy looked down at him, tears in her eyes. Than, out of nowhere, the guys returned!
"LOBOTO!" Hunter yelled, looking down at the burning man pleading for his daughters help, "Ziggy, don't do it. He'll only come back to hurt you again."
The tears were coming down from her face, "..I'm sorry dad." Loboto's cries were growing weaker with the fire as a few firefighters helped put out the blaze. Ziggy turned and walked away from the smouldering building and the dying man.
"That must have been really hard for you." Cee said, sitting in the back of the jet with Ziggy. "I mean, your dad was sort of a douchebag and he did try to kill everyone and ruin the body of the biggest hero in Marxist history, but he's still your dad."
"Yeah," Ziggy wiped a tear away. "I'm feeling better about it now... He didn't even love me."
"It's okay to hurt some." Cee put her arm around Ziggy. They both heard a noise, and looked up to see Hunter standing in the doorway. "I'll leave you two alone for a little." She got up and left for the cockpit to talk to Mike, who was flying the jet back to camp.
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