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Hunter sat down on the bunk next to Ziggy, who had tears still running down her face. He held her hand and smiled happily. For her. She smiled back weakly.
"Thanks for saving me," she said, smiling.
"Of course. I wasn't just going to let that fre- er, your dad, take you forever," he said, looking into her eyes. They once again felt their faces growing closer. about an inch aprt, again, when the door slid open, reveiling Billa.
"Hey Zig, you ok- Ohhhhhh, Hunta, nice job," He said, winking.
"Billa, I'm going to kill you so hard," Hunter said, pulling his blushing head away and death glaring Bill. He suddenly felt a kiss on his cheek, and heard giggling from Ziggy.
"There's you're preasent," she said, sticking her tounge out at him and giggling.
"Let's head up to the front guys. Mike's probably gotten us lost again." Bill said.

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