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After Kyo had darted up and charged out of the inn, Carwyn and Maggie really weren't sure what had just happened at first, but Aya's bloodcurdling scream quickly clued them in. Carwyn raced upstairs to grab his pack and the pair of them quickly made their way towards the beachhead. Maggie spotted Aya crouched on the ground away from the fight and ran to attend to her friend while Carwyn thundered on ahead to join in the fray.

Toa and Xan were also mixing it up with the kraken, hurling fireball and axe alike in their attempts to subdue the monster. Carwyn was rather surprised to find his sister fighting alongside them as well, holding her own by quickly darting in between the kraken's blows and using her fists and feet to ward off the flying tentacles. She couldn't do very much damage against something that didn't have very much to break, however, so Carwyn made a quick decision. Pulling his knife from his boot, he called out to Chrys. "Chrys! Heads up!" he yelled, tossing the blade toward her.

The erstwhile assassin heard her brother's call and turned to catch the underhand throw. Nodding a thanks to him, she flipped the blade around to rest the dull edge against the length of her forearm as she raked her arm across the kraken's tentacle, spilling black ichor into the frothing waves.

The ranger spotted Kyo fending off what seemed like a dozen tentacles on his own."Don't just stand there, Kyo!" Carwyn roared at the dazed warrior as he stumbled about in the water. He already had his bow out and three arrows nocked into the string, which he aimed upward and let fly. The arrows struck the huge tentacle coming down at Kyo, causing it to halt and writhe in agony instead of striking the prone warrior. Carwyn quickly reloaded his bow and continued to rain barrage after barrage into the sea beast as he pushed forward towards Kyo.

Reaching Kyo's prone figure, Carwyn stood between the kraken and the warrior, emptying his quiver in an effort to fend the beast off. Gotta get him out of here before this damn thing squishes the both of us flat... Carwyn thought urgently as he fired his last arrow into the kraken. Shouldering his bow, he reached down and hauled Kyo up by the back of his shirt, then threw an arm over his shoulder and began to wade backward, watching the whipping tentacles. He wouldn't be able to get the both of them out of the way if the kraken decided to strike at them again...

Just as another tentacle broke away and headed straight for them, a black blur flew in from the side and impacted the appendage, knocking it away from the ranger and the warrior. Squinting through the spray of water, Carwyn saw Chyrs tumble into the waves, her blade flashing and streaked with the kraken's blood. She rolled a few more times, then came up standing and leapt at the beast again. Carwyn didn't wait to see the outcome of her attack as he hauled Kyo onto the sand of the beach. "C'mon guy, on your feet," he said, putting action to words as he lifted the warrior with his arm and helped Kyo stagger to stand. "This fight isn't over yet."
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