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Just read a post that gave me an idea... With heroes. on BFII, you had to get so many points to unlock droidekas and etc, could they do the same thing to get extra classes: Republic - Clone Commander (sub-hero), Empire - Bounty Hunter (?) (Sub-hero), CIS - Magnaguard with pike (?) (Sub-hero), Rebels - Smuggler (space) (Sub-Hero) (This hero starts on board main ship in private hangar where a YT-1300, Firespray, or otherwise is?)

Of course, the Sub-Hero's are just that, Important people from the films but no names.

Now for Heroes....

Empire - Darth Vader (Space or Land) - Modified TIE, or Plain ol' BA Vader.
Darth Sidious (Land) - Sidious....what more to say?
Boba Fett (Land or Space) - Slave I in space?
General Veers (Land, somewhere like Hoth) - Personal AT-AT? Yes, why thanks!
(Added thought: Mara Jade? Emperor's Hand could be fun...)

Republic - Any number of jedi, but...
Mace Windu (Land)
Anakin Skywalker (Space)
Obi-Wan (Space or Land)
Commander Cody (Land)

Rebels - Luke Skywalker (Land or Space) (DUH!)
Wedge Antilles (Space)
Tycho Celchu (Land)
Leia (Land)
Han (Space) - Someone PLEASE add bigger ships than starfighters.

CIS - Darth Tyranus (Land)
Darth Maul (Space or Land)
General Grievous (Land)
Really the only heroes CIS had, unless you count Palpy....

Anyways....Heroes in Space would be nice.
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