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Good ideas, even though it is a lot to read.

I have some ideas to

Busting into or hijacking vehicles that the enemy are driving - like in halo so this way if you have one of those enemy that drives around spamming you can get in and either take it over or blow the thing up

Realistic reinforcement count - for some battles one side should have more than the other like in real wars, not this give each side the same amount (but if you choose to be the side with more units then the difficulty level is automatically increased and decreased if you choose the side with less)

Sides - lets get some pre clone wars side and some post clone wars in in, maybe like the Mandolorians in, the Sith, or the remnant of the empire led by Admiral Thrawn. You could play as the Chiss fighting their enemies (whatever they were called [I forget])

Single player Campaigns - You could play as the rouge Stormtroopers from the book Alliance and take up their missions. Have a smuggler campaign. Fighting against the cloned emperor. Have total jedi campaigns

Maps - have battles from the Mandolorian wars, the Great Sith wars, stuff like that (pre clone wars to new republic w/remnant of the emipre) have all jedi battles

In first post there was a mentioned customizable armor for the units - you could do stuff like in the Custom Commando Project thread (ie. they provide some editing device where you can design the armor and/or color it via the computer [but it has to work on all computers!] and then load it into the game) but what would be special about this is that when you play offline only you have this customized armor (DUH!!)

A broader range of weapons would be nice (only appropriate to the time period) - customizable to your unit (each NPC has a random combination of weapons appropriate to their class/type)

DMM and Euphoria (again) but if this make the game to big then they could use a watered down version of Euphoria called Rag Doll but DMM would be a must - it would be cool to blast a hole through the connector bridge to the Extractor on Bespin making it a bit hard for the enemy to get across. Or to blow a hole through a wall creating a new entrance/exit.

Map maker/ editor (agian) - make maps and edit already made maps

Larger Scale battles in space

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