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A few things I would like to see in SWBF3 are either multiple starships or ability to fly into the frigits. It would be cool for you to have to own a planet you would have to own the space and the ground like in SWEAW, or you could go from a space battle to the ground battle if you fly into the frigit and get into a transport to fly down to the planet. This may be too out of reach.

I like the multiple starships idea and having more rooms in the capitol ships. Also, i liked the droid in SWBF1 that repairs your vehicles. Maybe a special starfighter that can be cloaked for transport means(maybe to even the disadvantage you could put weak weapons and no missles.)

It might be cool to be able to fire a starfighter inside of the hanger, but no missles.

I've wanted melee for a while and liked the ability to hijack in Halo 3 and the fusion cutter just doesn't cut it for slicing into the other vehicle.(No pun intended) I think it takes to long. The custumizable armour and weapons would be cool like in COD4.(But know perks.)

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