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I'm still trying to find my jaw ! Damn good video quality, burrie ! A+ rating. Although 3 things are missing. Sound, music and the storyteller's voice. But not to worry. I have an idea for all 3 for you. Do you have a microphone and video editing software at home ?

Before you answer that, here's the ideas:

The Music:
You know the music from the JK trailer ? Now you ask how we get it ? It's precisly the same music as in RotJ just when the Rebel Alliance strike force exits hyperspace in front of the Death Star II. You could get it from the RotJ music CD from Sony Classical Music. Now, playback the music in your CD-ROM drive and make a recording of it. After you've done that, save and put it as the music channel on your video editing software. Save the trailer file.

The Sound:
Do you have a stereo system at home with sound recording capability ? Good, now, wire the sound card in your PC from the sound out port to the one( or two )micro- phone ports in the back of your stereo system and play JK . Now, start a savegame from level 5 ( or when you have the lightsaber ), start recording and ignite the Lightsaber ( this is for the lightsaber sounds in the trailer ) and start swinging, but your timing has to match the trailer. Et voila ! now the sound is done. Do exactly the same with the three small clips from JK that were used in the trailer, and then save the file.

The voice:
Get your father or brother or friend ( must have a deep voice, but not TOO deep ) to speak the words that are in the trailer. Record it and save as a file. Now general sound editing time.

Take the sounds and put them in the correct order. Save. Run your video editing software
and set the sounds as the primary sound track/channel. Take the voice and set it as the secondary sound channel/track.

Save and exit. Check the file size and delete ( if nessesary ) the sound files, unless your video software does not embed the sounds, voice and music into the video.

If the size is too big, Zip it with an archiving utility. Et Voila ! Your trailer could now become the official teaser trailer for JK II. Just e-mail Raven Software and send them the trailer. They will have to give you credit fot it.


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