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Zango is a free, premium-content access tool, paid for by advertising. Once installed and while online, using keywords sent to Zango from your Internet browsing, Zango software (with Weather) shows ads in a Zango Toolbar; a temporary Slider, on (e.g.) the bottom corner of your screen; and a separate browser window that pops up on your screen. If you search for or view Adult websites, you may receive Adult-oriented ads. Depending on your browser version, Zango may become the default search provider. Additionally, Zango may redirect a search resulting in an error to a list of sites similar to your search terms. Zango's Internet Explorer, Outlook/Outlook Express and Word Toolbars give access to free emoticons (and more) within those applications, when online. Zango runs continuously and upgrades automatically. Uninstallation is easy via Add/Remove Programs.

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