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I think the whole issue could be avoided quite easily by simply letting you choose your lightsaber color at the begining of a new SP game. Heck, maybe they could even let you choose a different outfit/skin for kyle. And BIG DEAL if it doesn't match up with the cutscenes. We're all intelligent enough to know what's going on, or if it bothers us that much we merely stick to the default skin/lightsaber. Seeing as a lot of this game will doubtlessly be played in 3rd person, the look of your character is a bit more important than quake, and custimizing is a GREAT option then IMHO.

I hope this is an option, because I find the yellowish/Orangish lightsaber to be fairly ugly.

And Obi, maybe WD Torment on these boards here has colored my view of clans with all of his constant egotistical bragging self-serving "elite" crap, so in the favor of maintaining peace on these boards I retract my infamous clan comment. cool?

And I didn't say Kyle shouldn't have a lightsaber. I've even went on in other posts on how to make saber control better. I was just pointing out to someone who said without the Jedi SW is just like ANY other SF that that's just bugus, there are a ton of other things that make SW unique.

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