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Originally posted by Jimi-Wan:
<STRONG>wow, quite a fight we have here.

Obi Wan does have a point, but its not 100% true. oh hails yes the jedi helped SW become the big thing it is now, but it wasn't the only thing, atleast for me.

now, i do agree w/ wanderer, there are a lot of cool things in the SW universe other than Jedi(droids, X-Wings, blasters, all the alien species, HAN FRIGGIN SOLO!, to name a few of many).

but, i also disagree w/ wanderer about the force... to a point. now, when GL first wrote SW, he got many of the ideas about the force from mythology and whatnot. so, the force was made up, but from mythology. so it seems its up to us to figure out if the myths are true, and if there is a

i think this thread has taken a whole new direction, dont you?</STRONG>
Hmmmm.....This sounds good about the force being an ancient myth thing that our good friend mr Lucas created this all from. Tel me more tell me more!!
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