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Ok, you want more Obi Wan? I'll give you all i got, or all i can remember. Now, I dont know much of what and where GL got this stuff from, but i know a little.

Midichlorians- obvious. You see, all living things have cells, and in those cells they have these energy-producing micro-organisms called mitochondria. This is actually a fact, but GL did add some stuff to it, as you may know.

Telekinesis- another obvious one, ever heard of Uri Geller (or however you spell it)? in case you havent heard, he's the guy a few decades ago that said that he could bend spoons w/ his mind. Fact, he said this, whether or not he actually did it or not, is up to you and your imagination.

Ability to see the future- again, obvious. i can sum this up into one word.... Psychics.

Those are the powers that actually have an obvious backstory. These, however, dont...
superhuman speed, superhuman jump, and the ability to "have a strong influence on the weak minded".

I know Im forgetting a lot of powers, and im also not even mentioning others, because im going by the films only, and not the EU stuff.

Man, i think we need to move this into Yoda's Swamp, what was the original topic? oh yeah, "Save the Lightsaber".

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