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To touch base on what C.H.A.S. kind of said. I don't think Kyle is much of a Jedi. He trains himself, for the most part, uses someone elses lightsaber, never truely building his own lightsaber, then takes Yun's. I know he was off on a mission and couldn't build his own lightsaber so thats the real reason he took Yun's. But I guess hes just following the Jedi code which clearly states, "You must foolishly loose your lightsaber when in the heat of battle!". That is why Qui-Gon was such a rouge Jedi, the council was ticked cause he never lost his lightsaber! Unlike, Luke and Obi-Wan who have both lost about 20 lightsabers, lol. Anyhow, I think that a Jedi Knight style game from LA, can not go without a lightsaber for the simple reason that that is what makes the game so special, along with force powers and a good story line. Cause no other games have lightsabers. I think that would be cool if your first weapon was a belt! So you could wip the cra* out of anyone who came across you!

Well I didn't notice there were 3 pages, so my post kind of picks up where the first page left off.

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