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Originally posted by C.H.A.S.:
<STRONG>Good point grezzer.

My friends and I all liked the saber and i personally thought it added the Jedi aspect to the game even if he only had Force Powers. I mean a Jedi isn't a Jedi until he's passed the final test of constructing a lightsaber. Also how can you call yourself a Jedi if you've never deflected 100 lasers going 100mph from 100 stormtroopers back at the enemy and blew them up into 1,000 parts.

Whoa!! Thats a lot of lasers to deflect!

Although personaly the Saber system they had for JK wasn't really all that great but it gets the job done (meaning it makes it easy to use and fun). I play JK for the saber and the saber alone. I don't care about the guns. I' all Sith

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