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First of all, I'm anticipating a flame or few over this post. This is my first post here, so I might be starting out on the wrong foot. But anyway.

If somebody has an actually shred of proof the Kyle’s saber will actually be blue in the release, I will take this back, but it seems to me that since all the screenshots and previews are all basically made to give example. At E3, JK II was said to be only 3 months in. We don’t even know the whole story arc yet.

I admit that its nifty to brain storm, but to actually generate anger because somebody said they hated the Lightsaber is kind of foolish. That’s why games such as JK and Quake let you switch weapons. I for one am eternally fascinated by the Jedi/Sith/Force portions of the Star Wars Universe. It seems to me that EU allows Star Wars fans to become masters of the world that George Lucas created. They took up the challenge of writing books and storylines that expanded many different aspects. I’ve seen arguments and bickering over games that are no different then such books.

We have games that span from X-Wing to Jedi Knight, each having its own scope and span in the Universe. I think games like Jedi Knight are prime examples of great mixtures of these aspects. In JK, if you didn’t want to ambush the numerous enemies with your Lightsaber, you switched it off.

I know I’m responding late to many posts on this section, but I hope I’ve made some points. I can’t wait for this game to come out. It’s like waiting for the next movie. People say Episode I was just utterly terrible, and others say they loved it. But I both types will be back to see the next one. I’m straying far from the point, but I tend to do it, and I hope it will be accepted a bit.

I basically played, and still play JK because of the Jedi/Force/Lightsaber aspects of the game. I can honestly say there were better games out if you just wanted to blow something up. I’m hoping JK II will expand far beyond my hopes and dreams for these aspects.

But the game is still months from release, and lots will change. I think we need to hold on tight until then and not rip each other apart over speculations and ideals.

Anyway, I’ll keep a few band-aids around for when you people rip on me. But I hope to post back again soon and get involved in these discussions.

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