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I'm hoping for some good Lightsaber battles also. I've heard discussion of MP Co-op around other boards and that would be the greatest thing. Once in a while death after death after death would get old, and I'd crave a team game. That would be better then JK team games by far.

I liked the fact that a Lightsaber forces you to be up close and personal, and not just be pecking at somebody with a laser from the other corner of the world. I'm beginning to be fearful of the saber throw. Destruction was cool, but it got everybody into the habit of waiting until there were two or three people fighting, and a single blast would toast all of them. A saber throw sounds like a good replacement for this.

I hope there is a better balance between the Forces too. I've heard there won't be a light or a dark side and I think this may be better if its true. I don't think it was possible for somebody using the Light side to win in a DM with 3 or more dark Jedi blasting around. Sure, you can protect yourself, keep yourself from dieing, but the others were using grip and destruction to waste each other 100's of times a piece, and I just could never score high enough against that.

I sure hope that there is better protection from cheaters in JK II. It got really old when you were having a good time with some friends, and some moron decided it would be fun to fly around Canyon Oasis with repeating Force destruction.

I like what I've seen about the Lightsaber in the levels leaving streaks and gashes. I think the more realistic all the weapons are, the better the game will be. I also liked the way the lightning surged and flowed.

Now that I have a system good enough to handle games like this, I can't wait for Outcast... I actually wouldn't mind it not being a lot different then JK except the realism. JK kept me coming back no matter how many times I beat a level. Probably because I just liked killing things with a Lightsaber. Give Quake III or UT a Lightsaber and I'll buy that game too. I'd rather fragg people in ROTT if I'm there for the guns and the blood. I mean...who doesn't like to Filch a Flamewall? But THIS is Star Wars.

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