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Double post to save the thread D:
"Mike, where are we?" Cee asked, as everyone else walked to the front of the jet.
"Um, ask Milo, he's navigating," Mike said, nervously.
"Dude, I haven't been navigating for an hour," Milo said, looking up from a book.
".........oh god," Mike murmered, eyes wide.
"NICE JOB GUYS," Annabelle yelled, freaking out.

"Well, we can't be that off track," Ziggy said.
"Hey Hunter," Bill started. "That looks like... no, it can't be. Can it?"
"Woah," Hunter said," We're in Berlin."
"Berlin?" Ewan asked.
" in, Berlin, GERMANY?" Cee questioned, looking at the twins.
"yep," They said in unison.
"NICE JOB MIKE," Anna said, hitting the back of his head, as well as Milos.
"Oh dear god, now what?" Ziggy asked.

"Um, well, we could go to our dad's place, and figure out a plan to get back to America. Besides, we're out of gas," Hunter said.
Everyone shrugged, and Mike landed the jet, in a reasonable place.

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