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the wisest???? dude, because of Obiwan, the Jedi nearly became EXTINCT. what are you smoking? And then for an oncore after he gets all of the other Jedi murdered, he hides and takes anakin's kid with him, to of all places, on Anakin's homeworld!!!! By what miriacle Vader never decided to look there I do not know. I'll attribute it to more bad writing on TMP's part And killing Darth Maul only means that he's slightly less of a wuss

As far as luke vs. Kyle goes... I'd have to vote Luke. Luke's had quite a bit of experience with the force thing, Kyle has not.

On a side note, does anyone else find it interesting how little training it takes to become a Jedi?? Luke Spent all of a day with Obiwan, and about a day with Yoda. And Kyle didn't get ANY training (spirit rahn merely told him to save the valley of the jedi in a vision or what-not, he didn't train him). those 7 dark Jedi really should've been able to tear him to pieces.

Now, what REALLY would have been neat would've been Kyle trying to find a way to save the valley of the Jedi without the benefit of being a jedi. having to outsmart them would've been cool.

"Weeeeeeee!!! I just accidentally BLOOOOOOOOOOWED up the droid command ship, oopsie! he he he, say whatever happened to those other 100 driod command ships we saw orbiting the planet in the begining of the movie??? oopsie!!!! he he he"

-Anakin Skywalker (future Dark Lord of the Sith)
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