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This was why he never traveled without his armor. This was why he never took it off while on the road. This was why it was a smart idea to keep it with him at all times and a bad idea to have stored it in his pack last night.

"Thanks, Carwyn." he said as the ranger helped him to his feet. He'd tried to use his arm in the shallows, to escape the second blow of the Karaken, but as he tried to push himself up even the slightest bit his shoulder screamed in protest. He could move it, at least, which meant that it wasn't shattered - perhaps dislocated, as he didn't have the full range of motion, but not broken. That was a relief. Dislocation can be fixed easily. It just wouldn't be too overly pleasant.

He cradled his arm against his chest with the other one as he watched the Kraken's priorly floating body began to slowly ebb into the ocean and sink beneath the waves. Well, that would be one mistake that he certainly would never make again. Just another example of how emotion can be nothing more than a distraction. If he hadn't been so angry, so hotheaded, so looking for a fight...

Moving down the beach, his thoughts couldn't help but turn to the mysterious happening as he went to retrieve his blade. One second, he was hurtling towards the dark blue waves, destined to be left for bait in an element that he couldn't fight against, certain that he would be dragged under by one of the many tentacles. He had been hoping that there might have been a rock somewhere under the waves that would be high enough for him to stand on and still be able to fight...but for a rock to literally rise out of the waves...

He glanced around the beach at the others of the group, checking for any other injury. Thankfully, he seemed to be the only one this time around - and his wasn't too bad. Though he studied everyone closely, turn by turn, he made no move to address any of them as he set his injured arm back at his side, freeing his other hand to pull his blade from the sands. He glanced quickly up at the sun. "It's almost noon." he said to no one in particular before crossing to pick up his sheath.

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