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I'd like a slender CC with an accidental--or not-- deletion of the Y chromosome and duplication of the X chromosome. Which means I'd like a female CC She should have sunset pink armour with black accents and a gunblade. Her armour should have minor marks of wear and tear and she should have long silky black hair with an Angelina trout pout.

Bonus points if you make her engage in a deathmatch with Devon's CC.

Subsequently, the two CCs should link arms and be depicted singing "Let It Be".

Please and thank you!

The sun goes down and the sky reddens, pain grows sharp.
light dwindles. Then is evening
when jasmine flowers open, the deluded say.
But evening is the great brightening dawn
when crested cocks crow all through the tall city
and evening is the whole day
for those without their lovers

-Kuruntokai 234, translated by A.K. Ramanujan

[Fic] Shreds of a Dying Belief
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