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Gmax static model export/import md3

Hello, i read an earlier thread about how to export/import md3 files via milkshape. now the problem is that i dont have milkshape, and the trial is very limited.
so i tried to export via Gmax tempest md3 and make my own .qc file and .skin file. I get the model to work in radiant but it can't find my texture. it says "no shader found" on the texture, i made correct mapping, and paths. could it be cause i have to use another program to bake the texture to the md3? or assign it somehow?

i tried to change formats and paths etc, but it can't find the texture.

For modelers

here is a link with Gmax, and Gmax registration workaround, its announced as if it was legal , but i dont know. + tutorial links and Tempest gamepack for .map and .md3

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