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Chapter 2

After a long elevator ride the elevator stopped at the floor that the bridge was on, and the two Jedi stepped out of the elevator. Three Dark Jedi with long black robes and black Dark Jedi tunics stood before them, their unlit lightsabers in their hands.

“Hand over your lightsabers,” the one in the middle said and held out his free left hand.
“I don't think so,” Bao-Dur said while brandishing and igniting his blue lightsaber. He was a defensive fighter, and so his primary lightsaber form was Soresu.
“Then you will die!” the Dark Jedi shouted and all three ignited their red blades.
Two of them ran towards Bao-Dur and attacked with a flurry of attacks, while the third one stood in front of Johra, who still hadn't ignited, or even brandished, his lightsaber. He was studying the Dark Jedi closely.

As soon as the Dark Jedi move towards him, Johra used the Force to jump up in the air, flipping and landing behind the Dark Jedi. In the few seconds that he was in the air, Johra had ignited his green lightsaber and did a horizontal attack behind him. It hit right where it was supposed to. The Dark Jedi's legs were cut of and he fell down in a small pile.

A small bit away, Bao-Dur was parrying every strike that the two Dark Jedi made, even having time to do counters at some points. One of the Dark Jedi dodged one of Bao-Dur's counters, and attacked with a flurry of fast strikes, Bao-Dur parried them but had to dodge at several moments. Meanwhile, the other Dark Jedi had time to com around him. The two Dark Jedi attacked simultaneously and each of them did a Kata, which Bao-Dur parried with difficulty. One of the Dark Jedi lunged at him, and would have killed him if not Johra had struck his green lightsaber in the way. He forced the Dark Jedi's saber aside, and cut of his saber hand. The Dark Jedi fell to the ground in pain, while Johra smiled. At the same time, Bao-Dur managed to cut through the other Dark Jedi's defense, and he sliced of the Dark Jedi's head. The two Jedi deactivated their sabers and opened a nearby door. The four Sith troopers that stood inside were not surprised to see the Jedi. They fired their blaster rifles at the two Jedi, who once again ignited their lightsabers, and parried shot after shot, from every direction.
“You take the ones at the right, and I'll take the ones on the left!” Johra shouted while running towards the troopers on the left side of the room, at the same time parrying the shots. He flipped over one, cutting of the troopers head in the air, and then landed in front of the other one. He did three strikes, one to the troopers blaster rifle, the second to his hand, and the third one to his head.

Bao-Dur was standing in front of the other troopers, parrying shot after shot. He directed the shots back at the two troopers, and they fell to the ground, dead. Bao-Dur and Johra ran up the small slope up to the bridge door.

[The bridge of the Aakgan, 2 PM]

The woman stood in the center of the walkway that went straight through the bridge. She looked out the big observation window, her eyes staring emptily. She was wearing a black Dark Jedi tunic, black pants, black boots and a cloak with the hood pulled up, going to the ankles. Four Sith troopers stood at different places on the walkway, guarding their master, while five Sith uniform dressed workers were on each side of the walkway, controlling the ship via the computer consoles. The one closest to the woman said in a scared voice:
“Lady Taltrin!” The woman didn't move.
“Speak,” she said in a monotone voice, still not moving at all.
“The Jedi are just outside the bridge. What are your orders?” the uniformed man asked, while glancing at the door.
“Lock the door. Then activate the shields,” Taltrin declared, and the man pressed some buttons at the console. A clicking noise was heard, conveying that the door was locked, and then a quiet sound, like the starting of a small engine, was also heard. The shields were activated.

[Outside the bridge of the Aakgan, 2 PM]

Johra and Bao-Dur were at the door to the bridge when they saw the shield activate.
“Damn!” Johra shouted and hit the wall with his hand. “How are we gonna get in now?”
“Be calm, my young Padawan,” Bao-Dur said and felt the shield with his robotic hand. He then hit the place where he had touched it. The shield deactivated. Johra pressed the button to open the door, but was denied.
“It's locked,” he said and brandished his lightsaber. He ignited it and struck it through the door. He began cutting a hole.

[The Aakgan bridge, 2 PM.]

“Lady Taltrin, the Jedi are getting through!” the man closest to Taltrin exclaimed and pointed at the door. “Close the blast doors!” he shouted. Taltrin stretched out her right hand towards him. She used the Force to lift him up about 1 meter, at the same time choking him.
“I'm giving the orders around here,” Taltrin said. “You would be wise to know that.” And she threw him into the back wall. He fell down, dead.

[Outside the bridge, 2 PM]

Johra was almost finished with cutting the hole when he heard a loud crash a bit to the right. He stopped in the cutting.
“What was that?” he asked, looking at Bao-Dur.
“The sound of we needing to get in,” Bao-Dur answered and pointed to Johra to keep cutting. Johra finished cutting the hole, and the door fell inwards. The two Jedi walked into the bridge. They took of their robes and ignited their lightsabers. Taltrin turned around brandishing her curved lightsaber hilt. She held it straight up, and ignited her crimson blade. She then held it so that it pointed diagonally down to the right.
“Karnah!” Johra shouted when he saw Taltrin's face was really Karnah Krawalker's. She laughed coolly.
“No, I'm not Karnah Krawalker. I am Darth Taltrin,” she answered and laughed again. “My master need a very special thing from this planet. He's sent me to recover it. I intend to do so. Even if I have to destroy the planet.”
“Then I'm afraid we have to disappoint you,” Bao-Dur said.
“We shall see,” Taltrin said, still smiling.

She stood calmly as the Jedi ran towards her and delivered the first ten strikes. She parried them elegantly and easily. The two Jedi attacked her with strike after strike, and she parried with ease. It was obvious that Taltrin had the advantage. She kicked Bao-Dur away, and Johra started a flurry of fast cuts. She parried most of them, but was forced to dodge sometimes. She forced Johra's lightsaber away and lunged at his chest. Johra threw himself aside, while Bao-Dur ran back and striked at Taltrin's chest. She parried, and then did a Kata at Bao-Dur. Bao-Dur parried the strikes, but lost a few and had to dodge. Johra ran up behind Taltrin and did a strike towards her head. She turned around just in time to block his attack and then push him of the walkway. She stretched out her left hand towards Bao-Dur, and he flew up 1 meter. She held him still in the air for a moment, and then, blue/white lightning came out from her outstretched left hand. The lightning came over Bao-Dur's whole body, the pain for him was absolute. Taltrin shot out the lightning for a few seconds, then she threw Bao-Dur into the big door. He only survived because of his Jedi training.

Johra jumped up on the walkway when he saw Bao-Dur lying on the ground and Taltrin standing over him with her lightsaber raised. Johra ran across the walkway, just in time to stick his lightsaber between Taltrin's lightsaber and Bao-Dur. He forced her lightsaber away, and unleashed a fierce Kata. Taltrin now parried more seriously, instead of the elegance she displayed before. Johra never stopped the stream of attacks, and Taltrin soon realized she could not overpower him. As they clashed in battle, Taltrin were forced towards the observation window, and she saw her opportunity in the computer console that stood on the walkway. She forced Johra's lightsaber into it, and as it exploded, she used the Force to push him away, then ran out the same hole that the Jedi came in with. A droid voice was heard in the speakers.
“Warning! Failure in primary missile bay. Chain reaction caused by explosion in missile bays. Evacuate.” Johra ran over to his master.
“Master,” he said while pushing Bao-Dur. Bao-Dur stood up. “We need to get out of here,” Johra continued and handed Bao-Dur's lightsaber back to it's owner. Bao-Dur put it his belt, and they ran back towards the elevator.
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